Photos loaded

I’ve uploaded my photos from my Lakes trip to Picasa. I’m afraid the weather wasn’t particularly good for photos. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for my diary.

 Grisedale Tarn



11 thoughts on “Photos loaded”

  1. I enjoyed it, even though it turned out a bit different to the walk I had intended (story of this year!). The views of the cloud formations from Fairfield were worth it, as were the colours on the trees on Friday.

  2. Hi Robin,really enjoyed looking at your photos.I am presently staying B & B in Ambleside for 2 nights.Decided to wimp out of camping as the weather is so bad up here-road from near Kendal to Ambleside wasfloodedin 6 places.Spent afternoon looking at gear-highlights were Hilleberg Nallo 2 at F&T in Kendal at £300(RRP £455)and Vango Mark 4 standard tent at Gaynors in Ambleside for £165(RRP £335)Looking forward to reading your trip report.

  3. Some great piccies there, and definitely the most well-organised tent I’ve ever seen! I blush to think of mine…

  4. Hi Robin, sorry to hear about your trip being cut short – mine too but for different reasons!! Great photo’s as usual and I too am jealous how organised you seem!!….our tent was a mess, but I can blame it on my nephew!!

  5. Nice pictures Robin, looked like a good trip. Loving the cooked breakfast and is making me hungry! Reckon you got quite lucky with the weather and bad luck about the ankle. Looking forward to the report.

  6. really enjoyed the pictures Robin.

    I viewed them on screenshow and had the impression of going on a walk with you as the pictures “climbed” with every frame!

    Shame about coming home sooner than anticipated but at least you got out and about and had a decent breakfast 🙂

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