Little things

One of the pleasures of backpacking is the little things that work well. For some reason these give a disproportionate amount of pleasure. Things that worked well this trip:

Bivi boots: these were not strictly necessary as the weather was very mild with a low of 12c. However, they are a bit of luxury in the tent. Mine are Needle Sports own fibre pile bivi boots. They may not be as warm or light as down but they have one big advantage: damp is not a problem. On Thursday night I spilt some tea on one of my socks (doh!). No problem, I put the bivi boots on, my feet were warm and within half an hour the sock was dry. At 160g, they are nice and light and are water resistant enough for short excursions outside the tent.

Lakeland Soup ‘n’ Sauce bags: these are really tough self seal bags and ideal as rubbish bags. I’m always concerned that normal plastic bags might burst, but there’s no chance with these.

MYOG camera case: I’m really proud of this one. It works perfectly. It’s easy to access the camera and there’s no fear of the camera getting damaged by a knock or getting wet. A stroke of genius.

Clip lock boxes: I know this is a bit controversial and some think it’s a bit over the top, but I like to keep my food in a plastic clip lock box. It just means that everything (apart from the freeze dry meals) is in one place and can’t get damaged etc. I use a second small one for little electronic bit and pieces as well.

Primus windshield: whoever thought of this is a genius. What can you say about it? It’s simple and it works. No wonder they sold out.

Outdoors Grub pouch cosy and plastic spoon: again, so simple but effective. It keeps your food warm until it’s hydrated and ready to eat. The spoon is the best I’ve used as well. The handle is the right length and the bowl is larger than other spoons I’ve used. Highly recommended.

Cup cosy and lid: the cosy may not be the neatest, but it keeps my tea warm until I’m ready to drink it. It also makes the cup fit perfectly inside my Snow Peak Solo cook set. For a lid I use a plastic top from a fruit salad container, which is slightly oversized. It keeps the drink hot and cost nothing (apart from the fruit salad, obviously!).

Some of my cooking bits and pieces



5 thoughts on “Little things”

  1. I’ve some buffalo pile/pertex bivi-boots – superb things – great emergency socks in winter too.

    But if you want incredibly light things to slip on over socks to nip outside the tent, have a look at these overshoes:

    They have a very thin waterproof non-slip rubber sole, and weigh about 30gm a pair. Excellent tent boots. I discovered them after buying light carpets, and needing overshoes for visiting gas-meter readers etc.

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