Lakes Oct 09 3.1

No signal all day so this will appear one day late.

The end of Thursday was a bit of a disaster as I fell and twisted my ankle. However, I could still walk, although slightly gingerly. Pitched in woods in Grisedale, more about that in trip notes.

Next day, faced with a decision: to go on or abort. I decided to leave decision until lunch time when I could either go up to Angletarn Pikes or go back to Sykeside.

Ankle not too bad but wind started to freshen considerably and clouds thicken. By lunch, the wind was quite strong so it must have been bad on the tops. Therefore went back to base.

Lying in tent made me realise how strong the wind was. Probably a good decision not to go high. Ankle a bit sore but OK.

Rain started at around 4.30, intermittent at first, then heavy in evening and night.

Friday’s walk not as planned but pleasant ramble.



One thought on “Lakes Oct 09 3.1”

  1. I’m very sorry to read about your ankle 😦 Very wise, I think, not to have gone high in that weather. You only have two ankles, and they need to last you a while yet *g*

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