Lakes update

Well, the weather forecast has changed dramatically from torrential rain to reasonably dry and very mild according to the Met Office. There does seem to be some discrepancy between the forecast for the North West and for the Lakes.  Now I’m too experienced to believe this totally, but there is hope!

The fact that it’s going to be mild might persuade me to take a lighter sleeping bag and adjust a bit of clothing. I think I’ll take a range of options with me and decide when I get there.  Very much looking forward to this trip.


5 thoughts on “Lakes update”

  1. Fingers crossed!! I’m keeping an eye on the weather too – last time I looked there appeared to be a rather large band of rain approaching from the SW, just in time for the weekend!

    I may well be joining you in the Lakes this weekend. I’m having to pick up my nephew from York, so I may as well carry on up and across to the Lakes – probably a shorter journey than across to N.Wales. Need to get my maps out and figure out a few route options!

  2. Hope the weather holds Robin.
    I am off for a days walk in the Beacons tomorrow and the forecast is reasonably good but I will believe it when i see it!

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