Quito 2

Having been a bit rude about the colours for the Paramo Quito, perhaps the “Butternut” version is not so bad. The picture on Outdoorsmagic makes it look quite attractive in a slightly lairy way. I think I would need to see it for myself before comitting. If it had been in Paramo red or cobalt, I would have bought one straight away.


9 thoughts on “Quito 2”

  1. Paramo do seem to choose rather suspect colour schemes, don’t they?
    I know it’s not a catwalk when out on the hills, but who wants to walk around wearing a vomit coloured jacket? Is that harsh?
    By the way not knocking it for its performance, heard its top class just like Furtech, just think they could do with updating their colour palette.

  2. I cannot tell a lie. I just don’t know what came over me. At least I blend in. If I dare to put it on. Hard rain is due on Wednesday – will try it out then when no-one is looking.

  3. I tried one last week, and what disappointed me was that where I expected pockets, they have vents, leading to small handwarmer pockets. If they wanted vents, they should have stuck with the Viento design which is brilliant (and discontinued). I didn’t like the colours either.

  4. Thanks, John, that’s interesting to know and meks me more cautious. The Vasco is a good jacket so I’ll use that for the moment, even though it’s a bit heavier.

  5. .. but there are also two decent sized mesh-lined inside zipped pockets at about chest height that are accessible when wearing a pack. The pockets are acheived without a double thickness of liner fabric, which helps the jacket be less hot. The vents are collosal and let you ventilate either your arms or your torso or both – you can even get your arms right out of the sleeves if you want. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to sell mine as it just doesn’t fit in with the rest of my stuff .. and if I wanted to ‘go Paramo’ I think I’d go to Cioch and get a smock made to measure.

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