My Velbon V-pod tripod arrived today. The reason for the delay was the supplier had addressed it to my next door neighbour, doh! First impressions are good. It’s amazingly lightweight but feels quite sturdy. Weight is  279g (vs. advertised 260g on the packing and 275g on the web site) and the nylon carry case is 11g. My Velbon VTP-815 tripod weighs 537g, so there’s a decent weight saving of nearly 250g.

The head is a ball and socket, which is slightly better for static photos as it can be adjusted to any angle to compensate for uneven ground. On the VTP-815, the head has tilt and pan. It also feels slightly more stable as it has a central shaft with fold out legs. I am really pleased with it and at £17.25 inc. P&P, it’s a bargain. I’ve seen it elsewhere for £32.95.

Thank you Hendrik for alerting me to this little beauty. No longer will I agonize about taking a tripod with me! I’ll take some photos of it at the weekend and compare it to the VTP-815. Here’s the publicity photo without the legs extended.



6 thoughts on “Arrived”

  1. Nice piece of kit. Got mine just before the Rondane trip and it served me well. You have to make a few concessions for the weight saving (for my DSLR, even though its light, I push the little tripod to its limits and can’t use the column fully extended since even a little breeze will set it in motion) but on the whole it performs well. Can’t get a more fully functioning tripod for the weight I would guess.


  2. There are a few occasions when a tripod would be very nice, but I’ve given up. I bought an ultracheap one just to get the feel of using it on the hill but it turned out to be an utter farce, it was almost useless in practice. The ground was either sloping/grossly uneven so I couldn’t stand it up effectively, or soft/boggy so it may as well have been stood on a blancmange.

  3. Although I’ve not used it yet, I’m impressed by the solidity of the V-Pod despite its low weight. At 279g it’s not a huge weight penalty to take self portraits and low light photos. My other tripod was just a bit on the heavy side, although much lighter than many other available tripods.

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