Sleeping bag mysteries

If you are interested in how sleeping bags are made and want some information on down, there’s some informative short videos on the Valandre web site. I found the down processing video, particularly interesting. Valandre have a very high reputation for quality and these videos show why it is deserved. There’s a lot more to making a sleeping bag than getting some lightweight material, sewing it into tubes and then stuffing it with down.

I don’t have one of their bags (I wish I did!),  so I can’t give you a view on them. I think the Bloody Mary bag looks especially innovative with two removable draught collars.



3 thoughts on “Sleeping bag mysteries”

  1. I’d never heard of these bags. How did these beatiful looking products get past me? They do look very special indeed. Just check out the claim they make for the mirage:

    “a bag that will keep its loft even if we add no down (yes, sir)”

    That, I’d like to see.

    As for the bloody mary: Three baffles looks like a very cunning way to get some flexibility out of one bag. Only down side (excuse the pun), it would seem to me, is the weight of the zip. I wonder how much the weight changes when swapping the baffles? A total weight of 1100+g is quoted (presumably including all three baffles) if the lightest configuration makes a significant dent in that number then it becomes a realy interesting concept. Better still if they could fix the baffles with velcro.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. They seem to be slightly heavy for the down fills and probably a bit too warm for most UK backpacking outside winter. They are not widely available in the UK but occasionally pop up in articles and forums.

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