Collateral damage

I don’t know much about the current postal dispute and threat to strike. I’m confused about how much disruption has already been caused. What I do know is that my Velbon V-Pod tripod still hasn’t arrived despite being dispatched on 29th September. I’ve emailed the supplier (Cameraking ) to see what they say.

Apart from the inconvenience, I do feel sorry for the retailers, particularly the smaller ones, who rely on the Royal Mail for deliveries. If the postal strike goes ahead, then they will be the main victims. It’s made me think twice about ordering anything at the moment, especially when you see stories like this. I suspect that this is a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other.

I seem to remember that Crozier had a rocky time at the Football Association before becoming chief executive of the Royal Mail. Certainly his £3m pay packet won’t have endeared him to his employees. On the other hand, an organisation that has lost money nearly every year for twenty years needs some serious surgery. Let’s hope that some common ground can be found and that collateral damage is avoided.

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