“Improvement”, not

Apple are not the only ones that have messed up an improvement. I saw the new Panasonic Lumix TZ7 this week, which is the model replacing my TZ5. I can’t tell you whether it takes better pictures. The body is slightly slimmer, but the stupid change has been to the bar that you grip when you hold the camera. Below on the TZ5, you can see a nice, chunky, grippy bar for your fingers to rest on.


The new TZ7 replaces this grip with a thin bar, which is absolutely no use. Seeing it in the flesh made me realise how poor this modification is. Form triumphs over function again. Why do companies do this? One of the reasons I really like the TZ5 is that it is much easier to hold and grip than other cameras I’ve owned. It’s a shame, because some of the other features look attractive.



One thought on ““Improvement”, not”

  1. I have the Lumix LX3 and comfort of grip was definitely high on my list when it came to choosing it. I do like something that not only takes good pictures but also fells “right” when being used

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