The new Ibbo PT

I finally got round to making my version of the Colin Ibbotson Peg Trowel as featured on Andy Howell’s blog and latterly Baz’s.  Here it is in all its glory.

P1000352 (600 x 450)

I’m quite proud of it. It weighs 32g, 1g more than Colin’s original but has a slightly longer handle grip. Baz’s weighed in at a monster 36g but does have a little dangly cord which I haven’t bothered with. I used some thin tent underlay as the foam for the handle and finished it off with some red electrical insulating tape to make it look a bit smarter. My current toilet trowel is the S2S iPood, which weighs 75g, so it’s a useful saving. I suspect it will also be easier to dig holes with a narrower blade.


22 thoughts on “The new Ibbo PT”

  1. Very nice indeed! I’m going to have a go at making one myself. I wonder whether they’re available in pink…?

  2. That reminds me to e-mail Colin and talk stoves. I used a very light set set up of a home made esbit stove and fuel that went a bit wrong in Scotland a year ago. Based it on Colin’s design. Don’t know if I would use the trowel design but I like the thinking behind it. Have fun on the D.I.Y stuff.

  3. Completely unrelated to poo trowels, I tried to purchase 4 of these babies but my order was restricted to 2 only.

    I suspect ULOG have had a bit of a run on them. No pun intended :o)

  4. The moment I saw the picture I said “that’s a potato peeler!”. We have one lurking in our kitchen drawer and the structural resemblance is uncanny: it looks like a tent V-stake with a bound handle and it’s very strong. I just weighed it and it’s 32g.

  5. Well done Robin it looks good BUT where did the extra gram come from? Come on Robin try harder next time!

  6. This is very clever and simple. I think I’ll have to go pick up a snow stake and make one for myself. I imagine this will be easier to stow in my pack than the big wide orange trowel.

  7. Late Adopter here….

    Just ordered my stake from UltralightOutdoorGear…

    And it WILL get 2 uses – Wanda enjoys a large tent peg at the back (she falls over otherwise). Does this mean I can only have a “call of nature” when Wanda isn’t pitched though?

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