More tent tinkering

It’s a bank holiday. I was a bit fed up this morning, so out with the tent in the back garden for a bit more tweaking. The lack of pockets in the Laser Comp is a bit of an irritation, so I’ve made my own. Or more stictly speaking, I got my mother to halve an Alpkit Apollo stuff sack and sew some velcro on the back. My original intention was to sew some velcro on the inside of the inner to have a removeable pocket. To position it, I used some safety pins. Before sewing I thought I’d put the tent up to check. Once I had the tent up, I had to reposition the pocket (see below). I am now thinking that I’ll leave the saftey pins as they may be the best method to attach the pocket and give me the scope to move it anywhere in the tent.


The next task was to make zip pulls for the inner doors. I’ve already attached them to the fly sheet zip and found that they help. I just use a simple loop of dyneema cord, which weighs next to nothing. I have some Alpkit zip pullers with plastic ends but decided that cord pulls were lighter and more in keeping with what I’d already used, although I might try the Alpkit ones at a later date.


The next job was to experiment with a method to vent the ends of the tent. I’ve attached a mini karabiner to the end pegging shockcord. This can be hooked onto the cord that pulls out the inner tent to the top of the end rod (see below). This is quite neat as it can be easily disengaged from outside or inside the tent (handy if it starts raining).


Unlike my previous attempt, this looks much neater as the flysheet folds inside the tent rather than outside (see below).


The last adjustment was to make the end guys longer. When I swapped from one end guy to two, I doubled up the original guy, so it was a bit short. Now I’ve more or less doubled the length. The advantage of longer guys is that the angle of pull is more in line with the ridge of the tent and there is less stress from the top of the rod pushing on the flysheet from inside.


I was tempted to double the guys at the side, like the Akto, but I’m not sure it would make much difference. I’m now running out of ideas to adapt my Comp.

I’m quite surprised that Terra Nova haven’t incoporated some of my modifications in their latest versions. Indeed, it seems as though they might have made them worse, e.g. the cord grips of the pole hood cover. Perhaps they should employ me as a consultant 🙂

14 thoughts on “More tent tinkering”

  1. I’ve been modifying mine again too, I bought some Glove Hooks and 2mm Shockcord from to make loops for attaching the 4 inner tent corner shockcords to the fly. Now I can keep the inner fully attached to the fly or hook/unhook the inner without needing to go out and mess around with the pegs/fly corner loops. It’s set up in the same way as the Phreeranger with the pegging cords/inner tent attachment cords running through the same webbing loop.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think I could make a living out of hot-rodding Comps. 🙂

  2. Nice, I think I am about 3 mods behind at the moment, and need to find matching cord in Red. Then it is all go.


  3. Lots of interesting mods, I have a couple of questions.

    1) What is the packed wieght of your Laser Comp including all of your modifications?

    2) The Laser comp is made of very lightweight materials and I suspect this is why Terra Nova have used shock cord at many of the pegging points.
    Have you noticed any signs of wear or strained stitching due to the increased rigidity provided by your guyline mods?

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards Geoff

    1. The absolute minimum weight is 1110g. With mods, extra pegs and porch groundsheet it is 1296g. I can’t see any signs of strain or stress. The biggest worry is the zip area, but the threshold cord takes away much of the stress. I prefer to use the cord pegging points, although I know this is controversial. I’ve kept the shockcord as well if needed. The wind was ferocious in the Carneddau and very gusty. Apart from the noise of the flysheet, I had no problems and at no point did I feel the tent would fail.

  4. I agree some of the pegging points are far too flexible, particularly the four corner flysheet ones. You’re obviously very happy with your cord replacements, I was thinking of trying a far less flexible shock cord, hoping to get a more rigid pitch whilst still retaining a small amount of flex to protect the stitching. Do you have any experience of this?

  5. I’m going to visit a couple of sailing chandlers to see what grades of shock sord they sell. If I find anything suitable and it works, I’ll let you know.

    1. I’ve now replace the shock cord at all 6 flysheet pegging points, with shock cord that looks very similar to that fitted as standard on my TN Voyager (about 3 to 4 mm in dia).

      The set of the tent is much improved, and on its first outing since the mods, I camped in a force 2 at around 800m in White Mounth with virtually no flapping of the flysheet.

      Very promising!

      I shall venture out on my next trip with far more confidence of the Laser Comps ability to cope blustery winds.

  6. I change a pole hood for a team i.o, remplace guy lines with a 1.5 mm dyneema, the weight of my comp is 967 grammes when 2 grammes pegs are in a bag (12 pegs).
    I swapped from one end guy to two, is more stable in wind.
    I use a polycrio for footprint, just 45 grammes.
    I love my comp.

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