All packed..

..and ready to go. Apart from food, everything is in the rucksack and I’m ready to go. I’m really impressed with the Mariposa Plus. It simply swallows gear and is hugely flexible. Deceptively spacious is usually a term abused by estate agents (OT two have already closed in my area), but in the case of the Mariposa, it is true.

 The main body of the sack holds a surprising amount, and the mesh pockets are excellent. I was quite sceptical about mesh pockets to start with but I’m won over now. In the large side pocket (left side in picture) I have my hats/gloves/buffs in the yellow stuff sack and my toilet kit and odds and ends in the green stuff sack. On the other side are two water bottles (one Aquagear Survivor, product of the year IMV), and in the pocket above will be snack food. In the front pocket are my TN Superlite Bothy Bag and some short gaiters. I could easily fit more into the front pocket. The beauty of the mesh pockets is having items readily to hand so that you don’t have to open the pack.

On top is my Laser Competition in an Exped compression sack. The reason it looks large is because I”ve wrapped it in my tent underlay foam pad (150 x 50cm) that I use under the Thermarest (I use a short mat) to extend the mat under my feet and give some extra insulation. I’ve not put all the food in yet but most of that will go in the side pocket. I’m taking two 100 gas canisters, which go inside the Snow Peak solo cook set. I could probably get away with one, but the one I had was partially used.

I won’t be carrying my walking poles like that as I will use the shock cord in the strap-a-map system to hold them, which worked very well on my last walk when I didn’t want to use them. My map will be in an Ortlieb case and attached to the front of my Inov-8 Race Pro 4 belt pack (I’m using a Tracklogs print out). All told, my base weight is around 9kg, although last minute tweaks may change that a little. Let’s hope I can get out there this time!


5 thoughts on “All packed..”

  1. For such a light pack, it’s amazingly comfortable. It’s worth replacing the carbon fibre stays with aluminium ones so you can mould it to the shape of your back. Weight with GG torso pad as back pad: 730g

  2. Simon, base weight is without food and fuel.

    Jerry, a bothy bag is not strictly necessary but it was really useful in March when sheltering from a snow shower. It’s very handy for lunch stops if the weather is miserable.

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