Practice makes perfect

Everyone in the blogging world appears to be out on the hills except me. Well that’s a total exaggeration, but that’s how it feels. Mick & Gayle started the WHW yesterday. Duncan started today and is taunting me by posting pictures every hour.  Due to the incompetence of the NHS, it’s still impossible to get away. Grrrrr!

Just to cheer myself up, I packed and unpacked my gear, which is still in the back bedroom to convince myself that it would still all go in my GG Mariposa Plus. It does with ease. I changed the shock cord arrangement on the pack to a less fiddly design.

Next, I decided that you can never have enough practice pitching a Laser Competition, so I pitched it in the garden. I think I’m starting to get quite good now. I used the io footprint as a porch groundsheet. It is almost perfect. Lying inside the tent with the inner door open, I now have loads of space to arrange my gear. The blue makes it seem much more airy than when I used the black half Akto footprint. Super dooper. I’m itching to use it in the wild now. I’m hoping for a chance in late November, but I’m not counting on it.

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