Spending my money

For my recent birthday I was given some money. What should I spend it on? I’ve already got enough gear to open a shop. But have I got the right gear? Am I consuming too much? If I don’t buy am I putting someone out of a job? Terrible dilemmas.

The two major pieces of gear I’m thinking of are a GoLite Quest rucksack and a Paramo Vasco jacket. Why bother as I’ve already got an Osprey Aether 60 and a Paramo Viento, both of which are not that different? I’m tempted by the Quest because it’s a bit larger than the Aether and sometimes it can be a squeeze, especially if I’ve got a lot of food. I also quite like the idea of the large front pocket and the hip belt pockets. I like the idea of a mouldable back system and it is slightly lighter than the Aether. I’ve also just read Geoff’s review of the Quest on his website and he’s very complimentary. He remarks that although it is not waterproof, it sheds water well. This is one aspect where the Aether is not so good, although I always pack my gear in waterproof stuff sacks. That credit card is beginning to twitch in Bob and Rose’s direction.



What about the Vasco? Apart from looking a bit more stylish than most of Paramo’s offerings, it is supposed to be a slimmer fit. I could probably use it for mountain biking as well as walking. I quite like the Cobalt Blue. Most of Paramo’s colours are bit dubious. The OM reviews are good.

Yeah let’s go for it! It is (was) my birthday after all.


2 thoughts on “Spending my money”

  1. I’ve just noticed this. I am always puzzled by experienced walkers who use rucksacks sized 60l+. I have never managed to fill my 50l pack nor needed to hang anything outside. Not even for 3 day winter trips with crampons and a down jacket in the pack. How long do you go for? 15l, say, is a lot of food. Just genuinly curious. ( Maybe another post or three for you there.)

  2. It’s partly because I’m a bit of a messy packer and partly because I don’t like cramming stuff in, particularly my sleeping bag, which I don’t compress to the nth degree. I also carry Paramo, which takes up more space than conventional waterproofs when I’m not wearing them. I like having the flexibility of a bit of extra space. I could have gone for the Pursuit (50L) but it would have saved me only 250g. In terms of food, I’m hoping to do a 7 day trip in May and carry enough food for the whole trip. It is possible that the Quest will be too large, but there is the option to compress it with the side straps. To be honest, I could probably manage with my Aether, but I like the thought of a bit of extra flexibility for slightly less weight. My base weight will be slightly over 9kg ex food, but with a change of clothes and a warm toplayer for evenings. I am going to experiment in the summer with a much lighter setup, which will weigh under 6kg. Watch this space!

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