Keep the pressure on

Darren’s petition  on wild camping has now garnered 136 signatories (I’m excluding two jokers).  To increase the pressure, I suggest that everyone writes to their MP. If we communicate our views directly to our MP, we are far more likely to get things done. To that end I’ve drafted a letter that you can copy (if you wish) to send to your MP. Feel free to use or amend as you see fit.

Dear xxxxx,

I wish to draw to your attention an e-petition ( urging the government to give walkers in England and Wales the same rights to wild camp that walkers currently enjoy in Scotland under the access  code  approved in 2004 by the Scottish Parliament  (  I am writing to inform you of my strong support for this petition and to urge you to consider its merits. I see no reason why an English and Welsh version of the Scottish code is not workable and feel very strongly that walkers in England and Wales should enjoy the same privileges as those in Scotland.

Yours sincerely,


 Let’s reclaim democracy for the people. Up the revolution!


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