Starting a fire

Sometimes someone catches the moment. Amongst the blogging community (readers and writers), Darren appears to have articulated something that many of us have thought is “a good thing” but for one reason or another failed to do anything about. It’s about time that the ownership of large tracts of wild land should be seen as stewardship rather than as possession. It seems to me that Scottish law has framed this correctly in emphasising the responsible exercise of the right to wild camp in terms of ensuring no damage and consideration for the property owners. If more people treated their “rights” as privileges, then we would have a better society.  Society would be a better place if everyone treated each other in the way that they would like to be treated (hey someone said that 2,000 years ago and what have we learned?). It would also help if the press ceased treating the irresponsible actions of the few as the norm for the many. Aktoman has very helpfully designed some logos for the campaign (below). By my count, there are now 57 signatories. I got in before Cameron! Let’s hope TGO/Trail etc put some welly behind this. Let’s use our democratic rights to get something done. Darren in the New Year’s Honours List, now there’s a thought.



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