Computer moans

Every so often something happens to my computer. It starts degrading and it gets so irritating that I have to do a fresh install. I must have done this at least ten times over the past few years. Even if you are diligent about backing up, it takes an age to recreate your system.

Moan number 1: Dell has a great utility which enables you to restore your computer to its original state. As long as you copy all your data to another disk, it’s straightforward. However, Dell shipped the wrong PDF manual and no amount of using <ctrl> F11 would push it into restore mode. Search the Internet, 10 seconds later I find out on Vista it’s F8! Why can’t they ship the right manuals!!!!!

Moan number 2: Reinstalling Tracklogs. What a faff! You have to install version 1 which keeps stopping and starting. After importing all the maps, you have to use the e-mail version to upgrade to version 2. Then you have to use the version 3 upgrade, load the maps and then re-validate them with the old CDs. Why can’t the program just check the permissions from the old program. Talk about Byzantine! All in all it’s taken the best part of three hours. I like Tracklogs but sometimes the thought process behind these programmes is baffling!


2 thoughts on “Computer moans”

  1. Regarding the Tracklogs faff, as we are all painfully aware, it’s down to the cursed OS making us pay again for the same data for Tracklogs V3. For the upgrade versions for V3, the software could make the process simpler I’m sure, but it must have a valid V1 / V2 installation to start with.

    It’s very easy when everything is V3: I have all my maps archived on DVD, just install the software and import the lot. Which maps do you have?.

  2. I’ve got the whole UK. Tracklogs don’t help themselves by making you import some packages on V3 rather than installing them automatically. Until you suss that out it won’t let you look at the maps. When you know how everything works, it’s OK, but the whole process is not very user friendly. Agreed on OS. I’m following Alan’s progress with interest. I’m just fed up with computers/software which are not user friendly. Vista is a huge disappointment.

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