Mal odeur

This is not for the squeamish. Backpacking can be a smelly pastime. While merino wool or silver impregnated clothes can help keep smells under control, there still the issue of using deodorant (or not). Deodorant is not a great idea when exercising as it blocks the skin’s pores. Using none runs the risk of an unpleasant aroma towards then end of a hard day. You could use a mineral salts based deodorant such as PitRok. While they are better than nothing, they are not as effective as normal deodorant.

The best solution I’ve found is to use antibacterial hand cleanser. This doesn’t block the pores or prevent sweating, but does neutralise the offending bacteria. I always carry some for hand cleaning anyway, so it’s no extra weight. The best I’ve found is Carex Aloe Vera, which has a pleasant, but not over powering perfume. You get about 80-100 applications in a bottle. Unlike some hand cleaners it dispenses just the right amount and has a good secure cap to prevent accidents. A 50ml bottle weighs 60g.



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