Blogpacking to blogcasting?

Listening to Bob’s excellent interview with Judy Armstrong, I was intrigued to hear she used a digital Dictaphone to record notes while she was on her epic trek. I had been thinking about whether to try my hand at podcasting, but chickened out when I went to Scotland this year.

I have an old I-River HP-140 MP3 player which has an external mic socket. I bought a simple lapel mic, but got a bit self conscious. The HP 140 weighs 183g, so it’s not exactly lightweight, although it does have 40GB capacity, enough to record the rest of my life! Obviously it is primarily an MP3 player, and very good too, but it is rechargeable and therefore not entirely practical for the outdoors.

I’ve been looking around for a lighter MP3 player with an external mic socket that uses ordinary batteries, but to no avail. When I heard Judy’s interview I made a quick internet search for Dictaphones and after a bit of digging came up with the Olympus WS-331M . This little beauty has 2GB of memory, runs off 1 AAA battery and weighs only 47g! For comparison, I have a little card reader MP3 player that I bought from Bob, which weighs 40g.

At £110, it’s not exactly cheap, but you can buy a noise cancelling microphone as well . Being a sucker for this sort of thing, I’m getting one. At the very least I get a very lightweight MP3 player with the ability to keep some voice notes. Who knows, I might even pluck up the courage to make a few blogcasts. I’ll post a review when I’ve got it, in the meantime, here’s a review from Laptop.




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