Book review

I recently read “A Lot of Hard Yakka” by Simon Hughes, so I thought I’d give you a little book review, for a change.

As a cricket fan and former (village standard) player, I found this in turn, amusing, informative, dispiriting and slightly sad. There are lots of amusing anecdotes and little insights into county cricket. It was a bit dispiriting to learn how some players wasted their talent. It was sad to read about the toll it took on personal lives and Simon Hughes’ decline from a promising young bowler to a somewhat cynical pro. Sometimes the honesty is breathtaking.

If you like cricket, it’s well worth a read and is written in a fast moving and easy to read style. I was gratified to see that one of my school contemporaries was mentioned several times: Paul Parker (Sussex, Durham and England). Paul was probably one of the finest fielders ever. Not surprisingly, he was a bit upset when in a school practice game, when a junior cricketer (moi), ran him out with a direct hit from the boundary as he was attempting a second run. Unfortunately this is my only real claim to cricketing fame!


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