Adapta strap-a-map

OK, after yesterday’s philosophising clap-trap, here’s a bit of down to earth practicality. In Podcast Bob’s “End of the Year Show“, he shared with us his “Strap a map to me” idea. For those that haven’t listened to the podcast, it was a delightfully simple idea. Having a map case hanging around your neck is a bit of a pain, particularly in windy conditions. On the other hand folding the map case and putting it in a rucksack pocket is not exactly convenient either. Bob’s answer was to attach two rings to the lower part of one the rucksack shoulder straps. Then attach two bungee cords with cord grips. Roll up the map case and put it through the bungee loops and tighten. The second picture on this page of Peewiglet’s 2006 Challenge shows you what he meant.

This was such a brilliant idea that I used it this year (with some minor modifications), see picture below. As Blackadder would say to Baldrick…there’s only one thing wrong with that plan. When I was walking through the Rothiemurchus Forest, the map case, being a bit slippery fell out of the loops. Fortunately, I hadn’t walked very far before I noticed. It got me thinking as to how I could avoid this potential catastrophe again.

Strap a map

Ta Dah! The answer is to use an extending ski pass holder, attaching one end to the rucksack harness and the other to the hole on the map case where the neck cord normally goes. The advantage of this over just using a bit of cord is that there is no loose string to flap around. What a stroke of genius!


2 thoughts on “Adapta strap-a-map”

  1. What a ‘cunning plan’! Good idea.

    I’ve found the way to use the original idea was to roll the map tightly and slide the locks on, so that there’s tension within the loop. And that holds it there.

    But this is a good improvement on the original idea ;-D

  2. As I found out, you need to take care how you roll the map and ensure the cord locks are tightened enough. Using the ski pass holder, even if you are careless you won’t lose your map. You can always unhook it if the string gets in the way.

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