Nike Mayfly

The last bit of kit I bought was some Nike Mayflys. I had been looking for some lightweight camp shoes for ages. I came across the Mayflys a while ago but they were in either bright yellow or Union Jack, which I didn’t fancy. However, recently I found them in black and red (with yellow flames up the side), which I felt was slightly less OTT than the other patterns, so I took the plunge. Fortunately they are not as garish as the picture suggested.

At 250 grams for the pair, they are significantly lighter than most running shoes. Considering the weight they are reasonably robust, although the uppers rattle like a crisp packet! Although they are only supposed to last 100km, the soles seem surprisingly robust and the cushioning is reasonable. Another bonus is that they pack almost flat, so they take up very little space.

They seem ideal for a second pair of shoes for camp. Obviously if you’re an ultralighter you’ll forgo this luxury, but I like to able to change into something at the end of the day. I know Crocs are becoming popular, but I rejected them on aesthetic grounds (they make your feet look huge) and they are quite bulky, as well as being slightly heavier.

Even for river crossings, the Mayfly is quite practical as the material is very thin and unlikely to soak up much water, nor is the insole particularly plush. Mine cost £25 from In their pre-Christmas sale they’re only £21.24. Rats!!

 Nike Mayfly


2 thoughts on “Nike Mayfly”

  1. Hi, I was wondering where you are from and if you had by any chance seen any colors of mayflys in anything other than the orange lately? I really want them for racing but dont really like the orange. Thanks!

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